Behind the scenes of the reception

Behind the scenes of the reception

The front desk is the heart of the hotel: its action center. It is where phone calls and customer interactions are centralized. It is not only the first, but also the last contact with the guests. Who wouldn't love to hear Sandra's sweet voice as they enter AND leave the hotel?

I spent a day with Sandra and her team and got a behind-the-scenes look at the front desk and the mission behind this sometimes-underrated job. Reception is a challenging, complex and at the same time very rewarding field.

A typical day for Sandra

Being a receptionist means communicating with guests and with the various departments of the hotel (restaurant, sales, housekeeping, communication, etc.). It means answering hundreds of emails and phone calls with a welcoming and engaging voice., it rhymes!

Sandra and her team are also in charge of taking all reservations and handling all customer transactions. They welcome guests upon their arrival, answer all their questions during their stay and make sure they have a pleasant departure. In fact, being a receptionist means accompanying guests from the beginning to the end of their stay: quite an important role, isn't it?

In addition to all that, the attendants must manage a huge database and make sure to do follow-ups when necessary. They must also manage complaints... but at the Mortagne Hotel, as we know, they are rather rare! In any case, if you are looking for a stimulating and dynamic job, look no further: at the reception desk, there is no down time.

One job, many qualities

As you can see, Sandra's tasks are numerous and very diversified. But multiple tasks mean multiple qualities! According to Sandra, if she is a good receptionist, it is because of her sense of analysis and organization, not to mention her attention to detail. A careless mistake at the reception desk can be costly!

In addition, as she is THE reference for guests, Sandra must know the hotel from all sides. She must be the first to adapt to the slightest change and be aware of absolutely everything that happens in the establishment.


Not only that... Sandra is also extremely patient and resilient to stress. Can you guess how many times a day she answers the same questions? No...and far fewer either, even after a day spent with her. Whether it's one, eight or fifteen times a day that she repeats the same information, she always answers with a big smile and unparalleled attention. Her mission? To make her guests feel at home, if not better than at home. Sandra loves customer service: YOU are her priority.

A helpful traveler

Before making her career choice, Sandra asked herself what she loved in life. Her passion for travel and her great interest in customer service led her to tourism. She began her studies in Travel Tourism, Flight Service at Seneca College in Ontario, where she graduated.

Sandra began her career with Air Canada, where she held several positions: call center, flight attendant and human resources talent acquisition. Following her wonderful experiences in tourism, she wanted to discover the world of hospitality: a perfect marriage between travel and customer service.

She joined the Mortagne team in 2018 as a receptionist. Why the front desk? Because for her, it was a given. She knew she would excel and she wasn't wrong.

 "At the front desk, we are a family, we all get along. We're a team that stays, that's been here a long time" ---Sandra

Why the Mortagne Hotel?

A resident of Varennes, Sandra wanted to work close to home. Boucherville was a wise choice. But what attracted her more than anything else were the family values of the business. The Mortagne being a relatively small hotel (190 rooms and a 20 room convention center!), she considers the service to be very personalized. This is what still inspires her today: she feels a closeness with her clients and her team that she would not find anywhere else.

At the heart of the action

On your next visit, stop by the reception desk to thank the people who work there. I assure you, your comments will undoubtedly make their day.

"Thank you, have a nice day! Thank you, have a nice day!"

 ---Sabrina Larocque, Communications Intern.

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