Something to spice up your salads !

Something to spice up your salads !

Summer is here, and it's the time of year when we crave fresh things and salads !
Today, our chefs share a recipe for homemade pickles and preserved lemons.

Pickle marinade ingredients :
- Fennel seeds 10g
- Mixed rose berries and peppercorn 10g
- Laurel 10g
- Star anise 15g
- White sugar 500g
- White vinegar 1.7L
- Water 3L

For the choice of vegetables, we recommend: white cauliflower (you can add turmeric to color them and give them flavor), radish, brussel sprouts, chitake mushrooms, red/yellow onions, fennel, fiddleheads (blanch before preparing into pickles)

- Clean and chop vegetables
- Combine marinade ingredients and bring to the boil
- Place vegetables in sterilized glass jars and add marinade
- Close the jars and turn them upside down

Preparation of preserved lemons : 
- Clean and make 4 incisions in the center of the lemon
- Sprinkle with coarse salt (A handful of salt)
- Bring water to the boil 
- Add the lemon and water to a sterilized jar, then turn the jar upside down
- Leave in a cool place for 3 weeks, then enjoy !

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