Fish & chips simple and fast !

Fish & chips simple and fast !

Today we offer you a recipe to make your own fish and chips!
For the choice of your fish, Chef Kevin recommends haddock or cod depending on your budget.

For the preparation of the batter you can choose between 3 beers : 
✔️Guiness for a darker color and to bring bitterness to your fish.
✔️The Chipie Archibald for a pinker color and a sweeter taste.
✔️The Matante Archibald or an IPA for a lighter color aand a subtil flavor.

For the oil, choose the one you prefer (grapeseed, sunflower, corn) and, for a slightly sweeter taste, try peanut oil.

Recipe for 4 people: 
- a pint of the beer of your choice
- 300gr of white flour
- 10gr of salt flower
- 4 to 5 turns of ground pepper
- 10gr of baking powder

Mix all the ingrdients with a whisk
First cover the fish with flour and remove the excess.
Then dip the fish in the batter.

With a deep fryer : 170°C
Saucepan (full of oil) : 160°C
Let the fish cook until it rises to the surface.

You can then enjoy it with a tartar sauce, gribiche or lemon!
Bon appétit !

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