The different room set-ups

The different room set-ups

Welcome to step 1 of your event planning !
Learn more about room setups and make your choice easier.


It's an airy, spacious setting, people will feel comfortable there.
It allows easily to have debates, discussions, an event in which it will be necessary to take a decision for example.


This set-up will allow participants to watch something, a more academic format often chosen for training or conferences.
It allows to be placed in a way to better concentrate and to be able to take notes.

Hollow square

Concerns meetings with a few more people, often executive boards and unions.
It also brings together people who don't necessarily know each other.
The objective of this type of assembly is to discuss and leave the room with a result, a decision.


It concerns events in small groups.
It is an opportunity to brainstorm, to take stock.
This type of event is often accompanied by a presentation on the room screen.


It's a montage used to watch something, it can be an award ceremony, a conference.


Rond tables


They also allow conviviality and exchange, but while watching something: a conference, an award ceremony...

Half-moon tables


Very often used for galas, the round tables allow discussion and exchange.
Usually, a meal is served at the same time.

The room set-up is always adaptable if there are special events. For example, during a team building event, a less traditional room set-up may be required.

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