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Green Vision
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Helping build a better world

Green-key-englishEvery day, Hôtel Mortagne chooses to use natural resources in a responsible way by re-using and recycling, by saving energy and buying local and environmentally-friendly products.

Because of its commitment to sustainable development, Hôtel Mortagne was awarded three Green Keys in 2009 by the Hotel Association of Canada. This recognition underlines Hôtel Mortagne’s strong commitment.

Green Commitments

Hôtel Mortagne actively helps minimize its environmental footprint by the practising the following:

  • Sensitizing personnel to the importance of saving energy;
  • Saving water by means of various strategies;
  • Installing recycling bins in guestrooms, offices and employee lounge;
  • Our Fasbac system offers climate control in our guestrooms, halls and public areas;
  • Food distribution to charitable organizations like Moisson Rive-Sud;
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products;
  • Use of recycled paper;
  • 25% reduction in plastic milk and butter containers;
  • Use of cardboard containers;
  • Separation and composting of organic waste;
  • Use of LED light bulbs indoors and outdoors;
  • Buying local products.

By choosing an establishment that bears this symbol, you are showing that you want to minimize your environmental footprint outside your home.


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