Restaurant SENS

Restaurant SENS

Trendy, delicous, comforting cuisine

Restaurant SENS propose creative, delightful cuisine that showcases locally produced ingredients with spices from the four corners of the globe. Inspired Chef Jonathan Michaud blends flavours and textures to create a fresh flavourful and comforting approach to dining.

Ask the waiter to explain the menu. He will be happy to tell you about our Chef's latest culinary finds and his brigade. The menu proposes a cornucopia of local food products from local farms. Certified “Angus” beef and bison come from Western Canada, spices come from the four corners of the world. In summer, Chef Michaud grows his own fresh herbs that enhance your dining pleasure, in rooftop garden on the hotel terrace. You can see him if you watch closely, because during the summer, the terrace becomes Restaurant SENS’ summer kitchen.

Restaurant SENS is a comfortable place to dine, whether you choose a large relaxing booth or a table with chairs. You will barely have time to admire the immense wine cellar and the light streaming in from the solarium before your waiter presents you with your feast.

Bon appétit!


« For supper (and sometimes lunch), they offer a very nice à la carte menu that is built upon flavours and the senses [...] Nothing magic or extraordinary, just plain good! [...] Here is a discovery that makes one look differently at hotel restaurants. »

Philippe Mollé, Food Columnist
Extract from an article published in Le Devoir
May 15, 2009


Restaurant SENS
Business hours
Monday to Friday: 6:30 am - 10 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7 am - 10 pm


Telephone : 450 655-4939
Toll free: 1 877 655-9966
Fax: 450 655-9946